XWorks was founded in 2014 by a team of aviation pilots and aeronautical engineers. Today XWorks is on the cutting edge of drone technology to provide much needed solutions to allow professionals to make better decisions.

XWorks develops and produces aerial drones and robotic technology for professional applications. These highly automated data collection tools are employed by us and our customers in fields such as:


XWorks performs efficient HSE friendly well site inspection and observation.

Effective well site inspection and observation is a must for operating companies. These inspections are often hard on vehicles and dangerous for team members. XWorks turns these frequent visits by personnel into a simple review of video and photos. XWorks gathers the eyes on experience that is needed, and does it in a much safer manner. Our systems will capture exactly what the different divisions of your company require and will relay that information back for review. From the safety and climate controlled room at your company's head quarters, the information can be viewed, HSE escalated, and passed on for resolution.


XWorks offers 3D structure and site scans with a fully rendered interactive map.

The XWorks 3D structure and site scans allow for improvements in security, assistance with search and rescue, construction planning, volume calculations, site replication, and marketing. With the collection made so simple and the gathering of millions of data points in a short flight, you can focus on using the data instead of figuring out how to collect it.


XWorks aerial photography and videography service gives you a birds eye view of your event or building.

Whether you are looking for a marketing video for an event or a high quality real estate video, the XWorks designed drones have the answer. Our team will command our aerial drone for the perfect shoot. All of the footage will be collected with a high quality camera and delivered to you.

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